We’re excited about helping you take the next steps in your relationship with Christ. Our pastors and staff is happy to help you find a place in our church family to learn, grow and serve. We believe that to grow in your relationship with Christ, some important activities should be part of our lives.


Worshipping God
Worship acknowledges God’s holiness and our dependence on Him. It happens corporately each week as we gather to celebrate who God is and what He’s done for us, but it also happens individually as we surrender our attitudes, decisions, actions, and resources to Him on a daily basis.


Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM or Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM.


Sharing the Good News
Jesus died to save us from our sin and give us hope for an abundant life. That’s good news! God wants us to take part in sharing this life-giving news with others in the world around us.


Keep looking for opportunities to share this great news with those who have yet to hear. If you don’t know how, yet, stick around with us. There will definitely be some opportunities to learn.


Connecting with God’s People
The Christian life can be challenging. We need connections with other believers to help us stay the course. Being part of a spiritual family provides a safe place to find acceptance, encouragement, friendship, accountability, and the opportunity to help others along in their spiritual journey.


We offer weekly Grow Groups to help foster these connections. Also, our men’s ministry and women’s ministry are great places for you to connect with other Christians.


Learning To Live the Christian Life
The Bible is full of wise instruction on how to live life according to God’s plan and priorities. The key to a fulfilling life is learning to continually grow in our ability to live out that wisdom on a daily basis.


Join a Sunday Bible Study and start discovering more about what it means to know Christ and follow him faithfully.


Serving Others
As we learn to place the needs of others before our own, we begin to see others the way God sees them and He can use us to meet their. The Bible says we were designed so that God could use us to do this very thing, and when we serve others, whether their needs are physical, spiritual, relational, or emotional; we communicate Gods love to them in the most meaningful way.


Join a ministry team and start making a difference in our spiritual community.