Dave & Kathy Echols

Dave and Kathy Echols
Dave and Kathy Echols

Supported by Armitage since 1997, Dave and his wife, Kathy, served as missionaries in Pakistan for 12 years. They currently minister in Chicago at the South Asian Friendship Center to Muslims and Hindus. Dave makes prolonged visits to India to mentor former Muslims into leadership positions. They have four children: Karin, Karolee, Kristin, and Karina.

Harry & Kathy Walker

Harry and Kathy Walker
Harry and Kathy Walker

Harry and Kathy Walker have served as missionaries for 33 years. They spent 15 years church planting in France and 11 years teaching at Black Forest Academy, a school for missionary children in Germany. The last five years they have been working in French speaking West Africa to equip 18,000 pastors with a theological library.

Arnel Cruz

Pastor Arnel Cruz is Pastor of Abudant Life Baptist Church in Manila, Philippines and San Mateo Campus Dean for Baptist Bible College Asia. Pastor Arnel leads over 70 students in training. His wife is Liza and he have two boys, Gideon and Nico.

Paul & Katarina Hagelgans

Paul is the Field Director for the countries of the Former Soviet Union with Bible Missions International. Paul and Katarina joined Armitage while Paul was a student at Moody Bible Institute and we have partnered with them as missionaries since 1993.

Greg & Cheryl Moore

Grey Moore leads Training Pastors International (TPI) which provides a non-formal theological education to Hispanic pastors who are without opportunity for training. TPI has trained, discipled, and mentored many national teacher-trainers in Central America, South America and Cuba.

God has used TPI to train thousands of pastors and leaders who have reached tens of thousands in their own countries for Jesus Christ. Armitage has partnered with Greg Moore and TPI since 1997.


Chako & Susan Thomas

Pastor Chacko Thomas is the Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ in India located in Mumbai, India. He also oversees other national Pastors in Indian cities such as Kerala, Pune, Auraganbad, Bhopal, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Along with him, Armitage supports ten other urban Pastors under his leadership.

Hope Baptist Church

Hope Baptist Church is located in the largest slum in Nairobi and is led by Pastor James Wandera. Hope Baptist Church was started in 2004 through an Armitage short term mission’s trip. Hope Baptist Church has a Christian school and is presently building a new educational facility to minister to more people.

Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church

Kahawa Sukari Baptist Church was started by former Armitage member John Opiyo in Nairobi, Kenya and today is led by Pastor Ezekiel Kayeli with his wife Ann and three children (Joshua, Imani, Abigail). KSBC is presently in a capital campaign as they build a new worship facility to reach and disciple more people.

Living Hope

Living Hope provides guidance through four different organizations seeking to impact South Africa's southern cape peninsula with a holistic approach that works to support those both affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.


Sohrab & Mitra Ramtin

Born and raised in Iran, Pastor Sohrab Ramtin grew up as a practicing Muslim. In 1981, he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He married his wife, Mitra, in 1991, and they have two children: Samuel and Charlene. He has pastored the Iranian Christian Church of San Diego since its inception in 1990. He also has a radio ministry broadcasted in Iran called Radio Voice of Christ and produces evangelistic and apologetic TV programs broadcasted in Iran, Europe, and the United States via satellite. Armitage has been supporting Pastor Ramtin’s ministry to Iranian and Middle-Eastern people since 1995.

Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has been led by Pastor Andrey Zhdanov for 5 years and was founded May 17th, 1992; Armitage began a partnership with them in 2008. Almaty is a key city in Central Asia. Bethany Baptist is one of the stronger urban Baptist churches in the region. The church is thriving under challenging government restrictions. Their outreach to children, youth, and mothers of young children, provides counseling and helps run summer camps for kids. Pastor Andrey and Nadia have three children: Nastia, Daniel, & Katie.