Dare to Dream

It’s a new year at Dare to Dream and our students from Avondale-Logandale Elementary School were met with new tablets for reading, an on-line reading program and our first music program including choir and keyboards. We welcome Lucy Rodriguez, Leo and Clau Barros and Ana Santos-Sanchez to our teaching staff, and we are delighted to welcome new and returning students to a new season of Dare to Dream. An additional program for Youth Development, Math Tutoring and Visual Arts has also been established at Chase Elementary School.

Dare to Dream students are learning to use tablets with the on-line reading program, Learning A-Z Raz-Plus.  Students are assessed for reading and comprehension levels and reading books are assigned to match those levels.  Students read a variety of interesting fiction and non-fiction texts to help them identify story elements, analyze characters, answer cause and effect questions, know the author’s purpose for writing, and build vocabulary and language.

Students work in small groups and can also receive individual support where needed. Students assess their knowledge with a short assessment at the end of each reading session.  It is anticipated that students will increase their reading skills and abilities by the end of the program.




New this year is a keyboard and chorus music program under the instruction of Leo and Clau Barros. Students will learn to read music and keyboard layout and function, and will learn to play songs together. Each student will then have the opportunity to sing together in our first Dare to Dream chorus.




The theater program has been working on the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Each student has the opportunity to study the life of a Latino who has excelled worldwide in music, theater, painting, science, sports, activism, writing and dance. Through the visual arts, a picture was created by each student that recreated the life and work of these Latinos. In our new unit we will be working with the art of the theatrical mask. This type of theater encourages participants to achieve a body awareness through concentration, gestures, individual emotions and games. We will travel through the history of theater and create masks that represent characters that will tell stories using physical expression and music.