Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria was one of the worst natural disasters to hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. As the one year anniversary was quickly approaching, Armitage Baptist Church sent twelve individuals to Puerto Rico to volunteer on this very special mission trip July 21 to July 27, 2018.  Seven of the twelve on the team are of Puerto Rican heritage.  There is a deep sentiment in serving the people of your culture, in their surroundings. Armitage was connected to Send Relief, North American Mission Board. Through them, the team was connected to Pastor Jorge Santiago Reyes of One Church Comerio, who sent us out to the homes that needed work. 

 Comerio is in a mountainous area, where help is slow to reach mostly the poor and elderly. We prayed for individuals we came across on the street, passed out Bibles, food and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On one site, the Armitage team replaced a large family’s roof on outside bedrooms, as well as paint the walls.  The cement flat roof was power washed and new windows were installed. On another site, the father had passed away, leaving the home to his son, who was dealing with a drug problem.  We ministered to his sister living there.  We pray that her brother will come to know Christ.  We may never see the fruit from the seeds that Armitage planted, but we know that God can cause it to grow in His perfect timing. We pray that these families that were served by us and other church teams will see the hand of Jesus reaching out to them.