Nairobi, Kenya

Armitage Baptist Church sent seven individuals to Nairobi, Kenya to serve one of our global partners at Kahawa Sucari Baptist and New Hope Baptist. Harry Walker was the leader for this group and these were their mission while they were there:

Preaching in both churches

  1. Two days of teaching pastors related to Hope Baptist

  2. Visited 3 different Christian schools and were involved in sharing our faith and teaching them the Word and playing sports with them.

  3. Hosting a basketball tournament with the mother church and sharing our faith with the visiting teams. 200 players involved

  4. Visit to the slums and witnessing to the inhabitants

  5. Ministry in our 5 different host families.

  6. Attending and participating in home Bible studies

  7. Testimonies a young adult Friday night “youth” group.

    Watch a video containing their testimonies and a short video summarizing their journey.