Introduction & Overview


The objective of Chicago Armitage Urban Study Experience is to prepare men and women to do effective urban ministry in the cities of the U.S. and the world. This is accomplished with a HeadHeart, and Hands approach: 

Head - Gaining the knowledge and understanding necessary for an effective biblical urban ministry.
Heart - Growing in compassion and zeal for the urban masses by engaging in one on one ministry.
Hands - Developing the skills needed to effectively accomplish productive ministry. This is accomplished through service in a thriving urban church alongside seasoned staff members and volunteers.

Chicago Armitage Urban Study Experience was established to increase awareness of urban needs and create a learning space. Armitage Baptist Church provides exposure, experience, and a training center. It is a place where people can see a thriving urban local church firsthand and study, learn, and experience effective urban ministry.

CAUSE provides four programs to choose from

1.      Weeklong Trip – Explore the Possibilities
Spend a week over a school break or during the summer in Chicago and see what an internship at Armitage is all about. We will provide you with housing as long as your request is made at least 30 days in advance. All you need is transportation and miscellaneous expenses. You can also visit Armitage with an established partner church as part of a working Missions team.

2.      Summer/Short-Term Internship
A short and rewarding summer experience designed for the person who is looking for solid exposure to the urban ministry paradigm.  The three-month term will provide an opportunity to experience city life and local church-based urban ministry.  The intern may choose one of several tracks, which include options like Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education, Administration, Social Ministry, etc.   

3.      One year internship
A twelve-month internship is designed to prepare men and women to minister in the cities of America and around the world. Intern requirements include quarterly objectives that involve assignments completed from our library of urban ministry materials, site visits to local urban ministries and involvement in local church ministry. As with the Summer Internship program, the one-year intern has a choice of one of several tracks or specialties in which to focus his/her concentration. With these tracks you will receive firsthand exposure and experience training with seasoned staff and volunteers at your side.  Along with the track emphases we have One Year Intern Training Objectives to help you get the most out of your experience.

4.      Residency
Our Residency program is designed for people who already have urban ministry experience, have finished at least a Bachelor’s degree, and want to be further developed in the laboratory of actual weekly church ministry leadership. The program has 1 or 2 year options, with a 3rd year possible. Residents are remunerated on a part-time or full-time basis, participate fully in the life of the church and church staff, and are given a substantial ministry load. Residents are closely mentored by the pastor over their area of ministry leadership and given training and feedback to develop into fully trained leaders.