Our Mission

We exist to proclaim the gospel, nurture disciples, and exalt Christ in the City.

Our Values

The Transforming Power of God’s Word - We prioritize learning and applying the principles of scripture because it teaches us truth and empowers genuine change in our everyday lives.

God’s Supernatural Work Among Us - We prioritize prayer and take bold steps of faith because we’ve experienced powerful works of God in the past and we have faith He will continue to work in our midst.

Servanthood - We focus on serving others and placing their needs above our own because it is the fullest expression of love. It is the reason Jesus gave his life to pay for our sins.

Personal Connection - We emphasize community and connectedness because God created us to function best in a caring spiritual environment with healthy, Christ- centered relationships.

Diversity - We celebrate racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, and other forms of diversity because we learn from our differences and our lives are made richer as we grow and appreciate all God has created.

Urban Ministry - We focus on reaching cities with God’s message of hope because urban areas comprise the largest proportion of unmet spiritual and physical needs in the world.